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When you’re looking for a Colorado Springs landscaper, knowledge of the local environment is key. JR’s Lawn Service & Landscaping caters our landscaping services to the windy, dry conditions that so many Coloradoans grapple with, implementing eye-catching landscaping designed to last.


Whether you have a new home or want to re-landscape an existing yard, we provide the services for which you are looking. Our services are reasonably priced and our landscaping installation is professional-grade. When you hire JR's Lawn Service & Landscaping, your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.



Xeriscaping Services

Colorado Springs residents must consider the region’s lack of rain when designing their yard. Xeriscaping is a landscaping approach that minimizes your reliance on water, creating a sustainable (yet beautiful) landscape fit for our natural climate. The professionals at JR’s Lawn Service & Landscaping have a firm grasp of xeriscaping, and can help you tailor these eco- and budget-friendly concepts to your yard in The Springs.


Artificial Turf

JR’s lawn technicians monitor the latest developments in artificial turf technology. Whether you want a low-maintenance grass alternative, a patch for the kids and dogs to play on, or even a putting green, we’ll identify and install the right artificial turf for your yard.
Turf is an increasingly popular way for Coloradoans with new homes to beautify their yards while taming the dust that so many new homeowners grapple with.


Sprinkler Installation

With Colorado frequently in a state of drought, having a reliable, efficient sprinkler system is essential to maintaining your sod and flora. We offer a variety of sprinkler products. At the end of the watering season, turning off the water and blowing out all lines is recommended. We use commercial equipment to do this properly and check each sprinkler head to make sure it is functioning correctly.


Personalized Landscaping

If you’re looking for a comprehensive landscaping installation or overhaul, we’ll work with you start-to-finish to develop and implement a customized landscape according to your vision. If you’d prefer us to take the lead in the planning process, we’re happy to do so.


Tree Planting

Want to add shade to your yard or gain a bit more privacy? We can plant and raise trees for you and will help you decide which species is right for your yard and your needs. Our horticulturalists have an expert-level understanding of indigenous plant and tree species, and we’ll help you identify trees that will thrive in Colorado Springs’ semi-arid climate.


Feature Installations

Coloradoans must be aware that certain soils are prone to subsidence, or the sinking of the ground surface. We protect our customers by installing river rock and similar products near the home foundation. This prevents you from having to water flora near your home’s foundation, which could contribute to sinking over time.
We also use retaining walls and rock products when installing or upgrading a raised flower bed, garden, water feature, pathway, or standalone boulder. Our team will install beautiful, durable features that match your budget.


Walkable Features

Flagstone paving, paver patios, and other walkable features.

Pavers are an ideal component of a beautifully landscaped yard. Our credentialed technicians can install or update patios, walkways, and other paved surfaces to make your outdoor space more accessible and lovely.


Mulching Sod

Mulching and sod lawn service.

Our crews will plant and maintain new sod in your yard as needed and cover any areas that are not as conducive to grass with an attractive, protective layer of mulch. 


Skill & Pride

Every crew member at JR’s Lawn Service & Landscaping is a skilled craftsperson who takes pride in creating vibrant, healthy spaces for our customers in Colorado Springs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a landscaper near you will depend on the size of your yard, the specific services you seek, and other factors specific to your project(s). Our leadership team will provide a clear estimate with no hidden costs, and we’ll work hard to deliver the services you need within your budget.

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