Lawn and Yard Services
in Colorado Springs

Lawn and yard services in Colorado Springs will ensure your landscaping remains in top shape year-round.

Your yard’s beauty is the sum of its parts. That’s why JR’s Lawn Service & Landscaping offers comprehensive lawn and yard care. With our team in your corner, you can sit back and enjoy a lush and verdant outdoor space.



Fencing Installation

Our wood and split-rail fencing installations are selected to fit the aesthetics of each unique client’s yard. From privacy fencing to barriers meant to keep animals inside or out, we help you choose the best fence for your space. And thanks to our skilled installation crews, your new fence will be stable, strong, and weather-proof.


Power Raking

You don’t have to purchase your own power rake to remove suffocating debris that can leave dead spots on your lawn. JR’s offers an affordable package that includes both aeration and power raking service.


Mulching & Sod

Our crews will refresh and maintain any mulch or sod in your yard. These essential features can degrade with weather conditions and foot traffic, but our yard service will ensure your mulch or sod maintains its brand-new look.



Our team will fertilize your lawn and plants as necessary to keep your yard healthy, vibrant, and colorful.



Regular aeration allows the soil to breathe and soak up essential nutrients, and at JR’s, we use the latest in aeration science to help lawns achieve their growth potential. We’ll assess your soil to determine whether your grass needs annual aeration or aeration every spring and fall.


Seasonal Mitigation

Living in Colorado means worrying about plant loss during our cold, snowy winters. Our landscape pros will put together a landscaping strategy for your yard with the seasons in mind, preparing for plunging temperatures and mitigating losses.


Yard Cleanup

As sure as the sun will rise and the winter will come, Coloradoans will face falling leaves, tree needles, and other debris that can diminish the appearance of your lawn. Our yard cleanup pros are on standby, ready to do preventative maintenance and quickly remove anything that doesn’t belong on your grass.


Sprinkler Services

Sprinklers are a low-maintenance way of keeping the grass green and the flowers blooming. Our team will advise you of your sprinkler system options, install your preferred system, and conduct regular maintenance. 


Sprinkler Blowout

Water left in your sprinkler lines will freeze during a Colorado winter, rupturing pipes throughout the system. This is why JR’s crews fan out every fall as soon as the temperatures drop, meticulously blowing residual water from our clients’ sprinkler systems. 

Tree Stumps

Tree Trimming & Removal

Dead or dying trees on a property are a serious hazard—especially with Colorado’s high winds and fast-changing temperatures. JR's removes trees with up to a four inch wide trunk safely and efficiently. and then remove all remnants from your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our family-owned approach makes JR’s Lawn Service & Landscaping unique. Rather than seeing each project as a transaction, we approach the project as if we were designing or maintaining our own family home.


While we are technicians who understand the science and best practices behind proper yard and lawn maintenance, we have a level of care that comes from our humble roots and belief that clients are family.

You deserve lawn and yard maintenance professionals who respect your time and landscaping vision and respond to problems as soon as they arise. At JR’s Lawn Service & Landscaping, we’re on-call to help when you need us in Colorado Springs.

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